Mirjam Mollema LL.M.


Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in The Netherlands, Mirjam studied at the University of Groningen and graduated from the University of Amsterdam in Dutch Law, specialising in intellectual property law.

Mirjam has been working at de Merkplaats since 2006 and has extensive experience both in the international protection of trademarks and designs, and in providing legal and strategic advice in the field of intellectual property to start-ups and large international companies alike.

Mirjam also advises Amsterdam Dance Event ADE® with 450,000 visitors in the dance industry and she has taken part in a panel on the protection and sale of Trademarks. What's in a name?

Mirjam as speaker

Mirjam got to know Amsterdam and its people well, having worked in the hospitality industry as a student at Vak Zuid and Walem.

In her free time, she enjoys running, playing tennis and photography.

Trademarks Mirjam loves:

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