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Before you try to register your company name with the Chamber of Commerce, you need to know whether the name is still, legally, available.

Do you expect to encounter legal problems when using the name?

Indeed you may have been trading for a while, even years, under a particular name.

Either way, it is critical under these circumstances to be fully familiar with the existing rights, including those of your competitors.

By conducting a preliminary survey – a determination of the legal position – you will get a clear idea of the risks and possibilities of using the company name.

Since the rights to a company name are geographically limited, in principle you can enjoy legal protection of your company name in the region or area in which you are using it. Therefore, it is wise to register the company name as a trademark as well, so that you can obtain an exclusive right to the name in a certain area, such as for example the Benelux or the European Union.

For more information on how best to protect your company name, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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